Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas, try 3

On our second day trying to get to the Hub's parents, we were on our way to smallish airport (1 hour drive) Nearly there, we received a call... our flight from smallish airport to airline hub was delayed, and we would miss our connection at airline hub. There was no way we could make it that day. We waited to get to the airport, so we could talk to a gate agent in person. Yes it was true, no chance of getting there that day. Fooey. We got a flight for 7am the next day (the 27th).

So even though we were only an hour away, and even though Hub drives two hours to work, and even though it was not good on our budget, we got a hotel for the night near smallish airport. We ate, we shopped a wee bit, and we went to bed early.

And the next day, though it seemed like we left in plenty of time, we ended up still in security when the called the final boarding call for our flight, even calling us by name. Luckily, we made it onto the flight. And the next flight. And we arrived!!! Three days late, but we are here.

Then I got a nasty sinus infection and haven't left the house, but no matter- we made it.

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