Saturday, December 19, 2009

Job security

Uuuuufff. I just got finished grading the finals for my pet course (60 students). I wasn't able to review with the students the last week of the semester due to my grandmother's death, so I guess the baby birdies were academically shoved out of the nest. Looks like a lot of them hit the proverbial ground. Scores were abysmally low despite a study guide.

I only missed one lecture (which they weren't tested on anyway) and a separate study session that we typically have with about 15-20 of the students who show. Well, I guess I can't be replaced by just reading a textbook or working off a study guide. Seems like the baby birdies still need me to shove worms down their throat for a while.


  1. funny to read this today, since I just got an earful from someone who said he ALWAYS learned more from the book than from attending class.