Monday, December 7, 2009

Yay, Me-- Boo you, Jerk.

Yay Me, I got up in enough time to swim a mile (1600 m). It took 49 minutes. I'm very proud of myself. That's a pic of me, really!

But then I got into my office and was ripped out of my reverie by an e-mail that would have been better left unsent.

A professor with whom we had made arrangements to visit his lab canceled at the last minute. He had been incommunicado for a few months, so its not like I had already picked up the car from the motor pool, but still...

Is there some sort of academic unwritten rules, like dating? Am I the one who can't get the hint that I was blown off long ago? Please, in professional correspondence as in dating, just shoot straight, dude. Please say, "I can't fit you in, I'm sorry." And not THE DAY BEFORE OUR SCHEDULED TRIP!!! I feel like I got stood up to the prom.

Am I the victim of some guy's low view of PUIs?

Was my biggest mistake choosing an Assistant Prof. to correspond with, when providing such a "community service" doesn't count toward the tenure dossier?
Or is this guy just inconsiderate? I wish, I wish, I wish I was on his tenure committee!!!

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  1. It's not you, and it's not just him. This is very typical behavior for profs at R1s, but esp. assistant profs because they tend to be overcommitted (usually because they weren't really qualified to do their actual job when they were hired, so they're learning how to teach students/people manage/serve on committees as well as set up new equipment, time management, etc. as they go).

    Personally, I agree with you. I think it's rude and lame to be passive-aggressive. But It's not uncommon. So yes, my advice would be in the future if you have other potential contacts, after the first or second blow-off, go with your backup plans. And always make sure you have more than one contact if something is really important and you suspect your main contact is unreliable.

    that still sucks, though. sorry you found out so late that you couldn't even find a replacement. but most profs at R1s are used to having everyone nag them. some don't respond until you've sent them 10 emails minimum.