Thursday, December 3, 2009

Major-ish purchases.

I guess it's time for another two-body post since that is the name of my blog.

Hub and I need to upgrade the car seat for Boy. He has outgrown the Baby-Bucket we had previously. So like the scientists that we are, we did extensive research on the web, and chose the perfect one for our needs. Then we looked for it in Small City That Tries At Least, to no avail. One thing I find irritating about small city life is that you have only the options available to you in Target, Walmart, or K-Mart. There are few boutique anythings here, let alone a locally-owned place that sells car seats for toddlers whose parents have a non-SUV.

Nothing we found at the C-sized chains was acceptable to us.

So, I sent Hub to find it in big city. There he found a small chain that had exactly what we wanted. The problem is that Hub had to do all the buying without my input. Now he has to schlep what he bought back here (Car seats are in a biiiiiig box), and then we try to install it here. If it doesn't work, he has to schlep it back and return it there. Kind of a hassle for a carseat, methinks.

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