Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am Wheel. Hear me squeak.

There are a lot of major renovations going on on campus. Super, duper, hugely inconvenient majorly displacing renovations. I had to write a letter today to the powers that be. Enjoy:
Hi Everybody,
I really haven't received any information about a time in which I can expect to move into an office, *ANY* office.
I had hoped to move into Clara Colleague's office because, well, it's a very pretty space... but its still occupied.
I have taken up temporary residence in the office next to it, and though the Technology Office did provide me with a docking station and peripherals, it seems that I have been granted a cast-off monitor... I have contacted Dude about that.

Hunting down a key for that room took time I really didn't have to spend.
In addition, all the offices in the New Office Place are dirty and have trash in them.
I have been working without an office (by choice) for 5 weeks now. I am carrying all my textbooks and laptop in a bag to and from my home.  I am working in the computer labs, disrupting the courses that are in there and annoying the profs. I am meeting students for office hours in the Student Burger Grill .
I wanted to be cooperative and undemanding on your services by trying to prevent THREE office moves this year (New Office Place conference room- to New Office Place office- to finished Fancy Science Center). It seems that my strategy has put me at the bottom of the priority list, and was indeed unwise in hindsight.
I am Wheel. Hear me squeak.   :)
Can I please have an office? Preferably empty, clean, with a computer, and acceptable ergonomics. And something relatively long-term? A phone would be a bonus.

At the End of my Rope.
AKA Phooey Prof, er PUI Prof.