Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cutting losses.

More this year than any other, I have several students that are just giving up on my class. One actually called their advisor to tell him the plan. The others have just stopped coming to class. I typically find the opposite behavior... that there's a futile teeth-gnashing, office-crying last ditch effort. And its futile. Did I mention they don't succeed?

I have to say that half of me really regrets the "BAIL!" plan of action, because unless you change your major, my class is required. I'll see you again next year, so you might as well stay for those last 6 lectures. But I would be lying if I didn't admit to being relieved of the obligation of grading terrible exams and work for no purpose other than the obligation to grade all that is given to me.

Actually, a small part of me is jealous of them. I am VERY tenacious. I quit NOTHING. There are some things I follow through on that are not good uses of my time, not worth the effort and attention, or are futile. I would do poorly as a stock trader because I wouldn't sell. These students are actually smart. They know when the effort is futile, and they cut their losses. I guess we both benefit from that.

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  1. wow. I can't help wondering what this class is.

    I used to be like you, and still am about some things.

    But there's a lot of power in quitting, being able to quit, knowing what is involved and that you will survive quitting. It's a lesson worth learning.