Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lost Upgrade

Our real estate agent e-mailed this AM. Another offer has been made on our "upgrade" house. They don't have a contingency to sell their other house first. We must. Our options are nil... we will not be able to counter their offer.

I don't feel like this is because I couldn't get the house ready in time. With an average on-the-market time of 200 days in this area, even if I had done everything perfectly and we were showing our house already last week, the chances of us having an offer withing a week are miniscule.

So, there it goes.

There's always Stretch to consider, but our enthusiasm for that has waned. There's another we have looked at. Both Stretch and "Parsonage" are FSBO, and we are getting grief from the agent about buying them withou his help. We don't really listen. We will still need to put this house up for sale for any chance to upgrade, even though now there isn't an upgrade house in sight, and not just any old house will do.

Well, the second worst-case scenario is that we have made a herculean effort to clean and organize our house and we get to live in a clean and organized house for a while. The worst-case scenario is that we succeed in selling this house and end up having to move into a rental of some sort (around the time the baby comes).

p.s. the painter left our door WIDE open yesterday when he left. I was really pissed.


  1. Oh my. I'm so sorry. That stinks.
    We are also in the middle of buying (thank god we are done selling) and it is a roller coaster.

    I know it sounds trite, but there will be other houses. Don't get too bummed. (Although I admit that is easier said than done!)

  2. We aren't too bummed. We're pretty happy where are at, but otoh, all the activity in prepping the house for sale seems to have lost purpose.

  3. What a drag! I have come to loathe real estate transactions of all types. Even though we just closed on the sale of our home, it wasn't a happy thing at all.

    We didn't start looking until we had a pretty firm commitment that our house would sell (no way we could avoid risking a long time to sell and also have another mortgage). So we left the house on the market, didn't have much activity, until that "right" buyer came in. Still, it's leaving us with 2 weeks of living out of suitcases until our home purchase goes down.

    We were in a totally different situtation however, because we don't have an upcoming birth. But, we can empathize with how hard it is to get the house ready to show when also trying to deal with work and a little one (or ones in our case).

    Good luck!