Friday, July 16, 2010

And to top it all off...

When we picked Boy up from the day care he had three ENORMOUS welts from bug bites, a bad sunburn on his shoulders and top of his head, and a nasty bruised divot where the class bully bit him on the shoulder.

The welts we've seen once before this week. They weren't this big- huge swollen and weeping. Its not a scrape, its a bite that swells so large that it covers the entire width of his leg or arm. They happen only at the day care, NOT when he is outside, and the director swears it only happens to him. We're taking him to the doc tomorrow.

The sunburn was unacceptable since we were told he would be going outside today. We showed them exactly where the sunscreen was. We instructed them to make sure our alabaster Boy was wearing his hat, saying specifically have him wear it in the pool, even if it gets wet.

And then the bite. Well, we know this happens at day cares. This kid has bitten Boy before. It feels a little more out of our hands than the other stuff.

Thank God this happened on a day that Hub was home. I might lose it otherwise.

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  1. Owwwy! :( That sounds a lot like what my skin did when I got a staph infection...