Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Day Resolution

Please read Realtor Bitching 1-4 and To Top it All Off (all immediately preceeding) to make sense of this post.

The Realtor came over to the house yesterday to resolve the conflict. I was sooo proud of my Hub, normally a meek dude, who told him in plain language that were weren't pleased with his carelessness in preparing our listing (misspellings and inaccuracies). The Realtor admitted his carelessness to our satisfaction, and then showed us how the tax assessor listed square footage of home incorrectly. It is a fair mistake to base the square footage on the MLS on the assessment. We gave him that one.

It turns out that the conflict has escalated extensively over a very, very simple misunderstanding: We wanted him to NOT put "Basement: 1/2 finished; heated" on the listing (which was what was there- read the exact words of my e-mail here). He thought we wanted him TO put "Basement: 1/2 finished, unheated" on the listing. In my correspondence I felt I was perfectly clear, but again, I think it's because this guy is not the greatest reader. He neither brought the original documents nor his form to enter into the listing, so I have to leave open the possibility that we were just missing each other. *sigh*

Basically, Hub and I ended up re-writing and copy-editing the listing ourselves to our satisfaction. This was a bit of a struggle, and I'm sure he's not used to having his clients be so "active" in the process. Yes, I felt like we were being control freaks. Yes, I'm sure he will work far less independently than before, a blessing and a curse. No, I didn't trust him to get it right without our help. Call us what you will, I didn't trust him to hear and understand what we wanted and to implement it clearly. Now on the continuum between using him only for his key-code (1) and completely hands-off (10), we've reached a 2. We've agreed to keep him on but watch him like a hawk. I don't think he has bad intentions, he's just not very bright. The house is coming off the market when the baby is born- sure as heck not showing the house with a newborn around- so we will have an "out" in 1-2 mos. should we need to let him go.

Took Boy to the Dr. She disagreed that it was simply a nasty bug bite, looks like chicken pox or allergy. Since he had his chicken pox shot (can you tell we aren't anti-vaxxers?), she thinks he's allergic. And that, folks, is why I keep within my scope of practice as a Biology prof, and don't make diagnoses.

Benadryl has helped Boy immensely in the last 24 hours. Sleep has helped me immensely in my anger at the Realtor and Day Care.

Today is a new day. A nice nicoise salad and a huge bowl of ice cream is also good medicine...


  1. We have a similar dilemma with our buyers agent.

    I just think back and remind myself how painful it is going to be when she takes that 2.5% of the house price. Too bad I couldn't just get a 2.5% discount on the house and not use her.

    It hurts, yes it hurts.

    As for the Boy. I hope it isn't CP and just an allergy. Hopefully you get some good news on that front!

  2. Just some nasty allergy. All dried up and no re-occurences, so far. THANKS!