Saturday, July 3, 2010

9 for 3

It took us 9 hours to get home today from Big City center. Under different circumstances, this would have taken 3.

This is because Boy had the runs, among other things. He went through all his clothes and diapers before we left City Center at noon. We got off the light rail/ subway to look for diapers and a shirt, and 8 months preggo me couldn't walk that fast through the city, so it ended up taking 2 hours to get this small mission accomplished and to the suburban terminus of the light rail. Then add time to get to car, drive to Hub's apt, pack stuff, nap while Boy napped (prob 30-40 min; Hub too tired to drive). Now we are at at 4 hours. Boy's runs caused us to pull over multiple times on the highway, and he was screaming the entire time. Because we were so off schedule, we had to stop for dinner at midway point (usually 1 hour from suburb to midway). After dinner at midway we found a park and let Boy run, much to his pleasure. Thereafter, the boy was quiet and peace was had by all. We arrived home at 9pm.

There goes an entire half day that was planned to get the house ready for sale. We had even hired a babysitter to play with Boy while Hub and I worked.

This is why we don't travel much to the Big City, despite the fact that we 1. generally love to travel, 2. generally enjoy urban life, 3. realize there are so many cool unique things for Boy (and us) to see in the city, and 4. have a "home" there. See here.

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