Friday, July 16, 2010

Realtor Bitching 3

Please read the previous two posts to make sense of this one.

Here's the response to the last e-mail. Please notice that while I was saying "Read the HOA document to advertise properly what services are included" He responds "Yes, I have the document and will make it available to buyers"

Also WHY would you list publicly that the basement is heated and privately that it is not?!?!?!?!
Realtor to me:

My spell check has failed me!

I will make the additional changes you suggest, with two exceptions; The note about the basement being unheated will be in the “Internal Remarks”. The rec room can be heated for +/- $200.00 and I strongly suggest that you do that. Technically that space does not qualify as “livable square feet”. Also, I have noted that the HOA doc’s are on file. I’d like to upload them onto the MLS but they are too large. I will send them to any serious prospect. Legally you will need to supply the doc’s after you have a ratified contract.

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  1. Whoa...we have our condo on the market right now and have had no problems. And these posts are making me feel really good about our gal right now! I'm shocked that he's forcing your hand on the heating in the basement; that just seems downright dishonest...