Friday, July 16, 2010

Realtor Bitching 4

We have pulled the listing and plucked the sign out of our yard. This was at the suggestion of the Realtor. Tomorrow we will have a meeting with the Realtor to clarify some of these issues. The heater thing HAS to be resolved or our square footage will be a big, fat, lie. Apparently it's OK to say that the HOA will pay for windows and do all the landscaping when it doesn't, but it's not OK to list finished, but unheated portions of the home as livable square feet.

I had Hub call the Realtor to verbally clear up our misunderstandings. Realtor claims that we had discussed X problem, Y problem, and Z problem. I'm really certain we hadn't- so now it becomes a he-said, we-said argument. Intolerable.

This really shouldn't be that complicated or difficult.


  1. My realtor still has not figured out how to type in a code to disarm a house alarm...even to her own house! It also took about 4 months before I realized I wasn't getting some emails I should have...don't know what she was thinking there, I was ignorning her? Tech savvy my realtor is NOT.

  2. Having just sold our house and purchased a new one, it seems these people find plenty of ways to make things complicated and difficult.

    One suggestion might be to involve a real estate attorney now, rather than later. Unless it's not common in your state, an attorney would be able to discuss with you what your obligations as the seller are regarding the listing. And sure, maybe it's ok to have the HOA things be wrong on the listing, but if you get an offer and the buyers don't realize this, when they actually do realize it, they might want to/be able to back out. Which would stink mightily, unless it's a seller's market where you are.

    And whatever you do, if you hire an attorney, please DON'T just hire the first shmo who returns your call, especially if he's really a two-bit defense attorney who usually represents oxycodone thieves.

    Cause that's what our buyers did, and there was no end to the headaches.

    Best of luck!

  3. In the state I live in a finished basement (even heated) doesn't count as livable space unless there is a ground floor walk-out (not a bulkhead) to the outside. People do add it all the time to their listing description, but the write up then doesn't match with what the official assessor's description says for "square footage".