Friday, July 16, 2010

Realtor bitching 2

My response to the most recent iteration of the MLS listing for our home (w/o the actual listing, sorry):

Dear Realtor;

that is much better. Please change Dinning to Dining. We just don't want to eliminate any English professors from our pool of potential buyers! :) Let's hear if Hub has some additional suggestions.

Also, please make sure that you remove the word "heated" from the basement section on the chart. I know we are being picky, but we feel this stuff is pretty important to generate an overall good impression. It's the "resume" of our house, and we are looking in a tough "job" market.

A bit about the HOA:
Please reflect in the homeowners association section that mulching, but not all grounds keeping, is covered by the HOA, also trash and recycling are included in the fees. New siding will be installed at HOA's expense in next few years. I'm not sure if the windows are our responsibility or the HOA. I think they are ours. Do you have access to the HOA document? Perhaps you could check what is listed there for accuracy.

IS IT TOO MUCH TO EXPECT THAT A REALTOR CAN SPELL "DINING"? Remember this is the second pass.

Let alone check the Home Owners Assosciation document (that we have certainly sent him) to assure accuracy of what he lists as their services?

I am not going to spend another moment of my workday writing, correcting, and bitching online about our home sale listing.


  1. I've fired a realtor before. Like all professions, there are some that are really good at there job and others that are not. You don't owe anyone anything.

  2. Natalie, why did you fire them and how did you do it?

  3. We sold in one city and moved to another. While we really liked the agent we sold with, the one she personally recommended in the new city was an awful listener. We went weeks trying to explain (and re-explain) the requirements for a new house while being persuaded on the benefits of homes we had explicitly stated we had no interest in (we wanted a detached fixer-upper for a flip, he was showing us brand new semi-detached homes). He was an older man, so he treated me like an idiot and revered my husband. He also cracked a sexist joke at one point, and that was the last straw. I had to "psych" myself up for the encounter because I really dislike confrontation, but I just told him over the phone that we didn't feel the "fit" was right, I didn't appreciate his comment disparaging women, and that we would be continuing our search with someone else. I thanked him for his time, and hung-up. He was mortified, sent me an apology email, but we ended up with someone we really liked who was a great listener & responsive (and she found us the house of our dreams). There are too many agents and you have too little time to be worrying about how he does his job.

  4. Way to go, Natalie! We had to get rid of a contractor for a similar situation: talking through me, only responded to N.A.'s requests, etc. Funny that they all change their tune when they realize I'm writing the checks!

  5. My Mom and Dad bought a van in the mid 80s from a dealership. The salesman treated my Mom as peripheral and my Dad as the decision maker. The day after that happened, they walked into the dealership and said to the manager, "We are going to buy this van, but not from THAT salesman. He will not get a cent of commission". I was a teenager at the time, and that was a very powerful example!