Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your input heeded

Well, that was pretty universal. If you look at the comments of the last post, I think the situation of the "fake application" has outraged all 12 of my readers! While a bit passive, this is close to the e-mail I sent in reply:
Thanks for your kind greetings!! I hope your family is healthy and happy and your work at [City] is fulfilling. We are doing quite well.

I have taken your flyer and sent it to [Grad Advisor] to forward to as many people at [Grad School] and elsewhere as possible. I can also try to forward it to a friend I have at [Top Three School, (Rock Star- subfield right on the money)]. I have tried to network your job around. I hope we can get you some applications that are female, qualified AND viable candidates.

I would REALLY prefer not to send an application in, because it would make my current colleagues very suspicious that I an trying to leave uncollegially (at a bad time and sneaking around). I need their trust, as I am coming up for tenure in a year.

I will do everything I can for you, however. Have you contacted [native colleague, quite qualified, female]? Is there anyone else I can help you connect with?


  1. Good for you, that's a reasonable response.

    And, for the record, I wasn't outraged at *you*. Perhaps outraged at your colleague who came up with the ridiculous idea of having you send a fake application. But *you* did nothing wrong (not sure why some responders seemed to be directing anger at you).

  2. Very good! Diplomatic, face-saving, while gently steering them in the right direction! Hopefully they will take the hint that not only should they stop asking you to help them cover their butts, but they were really being short-sighted in their approach.

  3. Oh, and I also think it rather admirable how much effort you put into helping that other country with its issues. The right thing to do, of course, but still not really your job, so it is very helpful of you.