Saturday, June 5, 2010

Having "that talk" again.

With another kid on the way we have been very casually looking at bigger houses. Read here for our original thoughts about moving from a 3 br to a 4 br with two kids. And read here about what we decided back in January. Geez! I didn't realize it had been so long that we were thinking of moving!

Anyway, we half-heartedly looked at a few houses today and found a PERFECT one. In fact, because of the low interest rates, our monthly payments will only increase by $100 for a VASTLY improved home (upgrades: another bedroom, two car garage (we park on the street now) expansive deck, 10,000 sq ft of yard (we have about 30 sq ft of grass now) better kitchen, usable basement, sun room, quiet street, very sunny throughout. It is THE house that we would be willing to lose a little money on our current house for.

Now we are back to the discussion of what do we do about this two body problem? Is Small City truly going to be our home? If we buy a home here are we putting my career (TT vs non-TT) over yours? Can you live with that idea? Are we committing to four more years of commuter marriage? Are you sure there's NOTHING you can do here in town? Etc. Etc.

And all this at a time when Hub comes home weekends truly pining for time with Boy, missing the Boy terribly, shedding a tear upon reuniting with the Boy. This other house is so good for us we are ready to move on it, but upgrading homes takes away the possibility of the family moving to be near Dad. It commits us to this place, and to the primacy of my job.

I AM so grateful that I have a husband with whom I can communicate well. We can talk about these things openly and honestly. He is very easy-going but not a doormat, a nice balance to my strong personality. And he pulls his weight in major decision making. So here we go with another phase of major decision making.

Sunday we look at the house again. Monday before Hub leaves to go back to his work, we will talk to the mortgage guy. And we may make an offer this week. I'll keep you updated...

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  1. Oh, what a challenging decision to make. It is great to have a partner with whom you can have such discussions so effectively ... but still, the decision is a tough one. Hope you are together able to find a solution that feels satisfactory to everyone.