Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More good news.

Had an evaluation with the dept chair today. It's new this year for the chair to meet with each individual faculty year-end and discuss our yearly reports and "goals". I think it has something to do with the new provost...

Anyway, he seemed slightly uncomfortable, as in "I prefer to be your colleague that does chair paperwork for course release, rather than your boss who evaluates you". In any case, I used the opportuninity to ask flat-out what my chances are of getting tenure in two years, because well, we're looking at houses.

He said, "Your chances are excellent".

:) Well, that makes me happy.


  1. :) That's great! Congrats!
    Your Chair seems like a really nice guy.

    PUI, do you get any type of written feedback after evaluations? When I started on my TT, they would write up this tiny vague paragraph where they encourage you to continue your efforts (there are annual written reports for assistant profs, even though you don't necessarily have annual contract renewal, more like 3+1+1+1). But a couple of years back they started writing lengthy reports, like a page or so, where the department addresses the research, teaching, and service in detail and they tell you where you are doing super. The more detail really helped.

    Some people were worried the extra info opens the dept for lawsuits in case of tenure denial, but I, as then an assistant prof, thought the feedback was super useful.

  2. Sounds like sweet, sweet music. Maybe you could set it to song and play it on an off day?

  3. Nice, well sounds like someone has got your back.