Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thanks, I really needed to hear that.

Huge warm fuzzies that I will pull out on my bad days and look at--- reminder SRU is a pseudonym for Small Religious U.

Very prestigious position from very prestigious institution gave the grad address this year, and I was invited to participate in brunch with said person. In a note, I said:

Hi Dr. Prestige,

Just a quick note to say that it was such a pleasure to meet you at brunch and hear your commencement address here at SRU several weeks ago. Thanks for your gracious conversation and your wise words.

All the best to you!

PUI Prof


Dear FirstName Me;

Great to hear from you. I was very impressed with your educational background and your willingness to teach at SRU. I'm pleased that we had a chance to meet.

Short affectionate FirstName

Hey, wait, does that imply that I undershot? I will ignore that thought. I am very happy here...

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  1. This is awesome!
    Definitley qualifies to be kept for posterity among the feel-good tokens for when you are feeling blue. (I have a folder like that where I keep extra-brightly-glowing student evals, as well as enthusiastic paper and grant reviews; helps to look at them when I am feeling down regarding work).