Friday, June 11, 2010

Not so liberated after all...

My husband is a pretty progressive fellow. Despite the fact that he comes from a household with a successful academic Dad and a stay-at-home (very productive and perfect about the household) Mom, I have generally felt treated equally. In fact, we quantify the household duties on Chore Wars, and he is ahead.

He stayed at home with the Boy when he was very young while underemployed and enjoyed it.

He also relies on the League of Women Voters website for his political information prior to voting.

SO I was surprised to hear him say something yesterday that was not too progressive...

When I am really at the end of my rope, and this has happened about 3 times since we started this lifestyle, I question why the Boy stays with me and doesn't live with him. Why is Boy with Mom the default? Can we think about this?

He answered first in a way that I completely understand: Honey, THAT is home. THIS is just where I sleep until I can get home... (awww). And then he says, "besides, there's this societal thing that children belong with their Mother" and then he grins real big because he knows what he has just said.


Well, I'm glad he's honest about his prejudices, and feels free enough to discuss them with me. He's still the same guy, but I was surprised to hear that!!

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