Monday, June 7, 2010

Move to a bigger house? deux.

Looked at the "upgrade" house again (see last post). It still seems as good as we originally thought, but we did find two others in the same neighborhood for a few $10K's more. That makes us feel less rushed. We need to look at these before we make an offer on the "upgrade" house.

Was able to get into the mortgage guy at our credit union first thing this AM, before hub had to commute. Even better news than we imagined. We generally only look at houses with my salary in mind. Mortgage Guy says that considering my salary, we can afford this house, but must sell first. With both salaries in mind, its not critical that we sell before we buy. Carrying two mortgages for a month or two is undesirable but possible. It may be part of what we have to do.

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