Friday, June 4, 2010

Your persistence has paid off, young one.

A student e-mailed me recently who had to take her final late. She had gotten a 78.5% in my class and therefore I turned in a C+ grade for her to the registrar. She said she wanted to talk to me about her grade, and despite the prospect of an hour of grade grubbing, I agreed to a meeting.

We calculated that she needed about 16 more points to raise her grade to a B- and she just wanted to check over her assignments and old tests (which were in my office). She was respectful and spent time adding up her points and checking her assignments. She found two grading errors- one on an exam, and one in recording a missing assignment (she said she has it at home, graded. If she produces the assignment with a written grade in my handwriting, she gets full credit for it). The total sum of the points: 17.

This is a student who I was particularly fond of, but was not going to give her the grade illegitimately. So when it seemed like she was going to get her B- through her persistence, I was particularly proud.

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