Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Two-Body Dilemma

Buy new house?

We have a 3 bedroom, and like to have an office. If each kid gets its own bedroom, we need a 4 bedroom. Interest rates are low and the housing market is such that we could get into a pretty nice one for cheap.

Problem is, we don't know how long we will be here. I'm on a permanent job, Hub is not. We've been loathe to relocate me to be closer to him for that reason. What if his contract ends and we don't have the other salary? Worse yet, what if we keep this lifestyle up for a long time? What if I don't get tenure? What if we can't sell our current house? What if we wait too long and the housing prices go up (see here about my tenacity)? What if we lose the baby? What if I'm too tired to keep the house in show worthy condition while still baby-proofed? Auuugh!!


  1. If you can pay for the house on one salary (worst case scenario), then I would be more inclined to go for it. That was how N.A. and I approached buying our house. It is far more house than we need right now, but the price and location were right. If one of us lost our job (unlikely), we could still swing the payments.

    It never hurts to start looking at houses. We started before I was really ready, but after a few weeks, I felt confident in being a homeowner. All these questions and concerns might lessen a few weeks from now, so it could be a good idea to start going through homes.

  2. If you like your house probably best to stay in it and make do with the size. The baby will be fine. Don't worry (advice I should take myself, I worry about all sorts of things.)

    Now the spouse's temporary position...that needs some regular thinking and planning.

  3. I would wait. Interest rates are low, but are unlikely to be as volatile as either past interest rates or your two-body problem. Our neighbors' baby lives in a closet and he seems perfectly well adjusted.

  4. We are in a *tiny* 4BR and it is soooo great having the extra room.
    In fact, we have even converted our dining room to an office so we can have 4 bedrooms (2 kids rooms, the master and the guest room)

    It is worth it! I say go for it! If you end up not needing the space, well, consider it a storage room.. you always need those.

    Plus, although painful, the process of moving, packing up, getting your house ready to sell and sorting/throwing a bunch of stuff out is a cleansing one.

    Well worth the hassle!