Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's baa-aaack

The fatigue.

The first time I was preggo, my first trimseter I was nauseated, yes, but never threw up. But WOW! I was sooo fatigued. 6 pm I was begging to go to bed. I could not keep up with all my grading.

I am already feeling the fatigue (and nausea) again. Progesterone sequesters every ounce of motivation I have flowing through my veins. I have SO MUCH TO DO in the next day and a half (and tomorrow is my birfday- a beeeeeg birfday) but it feels like I can't even lift my arms to type sometimes.


must. write. syllabi.
must. make. monday's. lectures.
must..... zzzzznnngh

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, I hear you, I was dying for a nap the entire first trimester (and some of the 2nd!); the fatigue is setting back in now that I am closer to my due date, but it is not nearly as bad as the progesterone induced one early on!

    And, your birfday and my birfday are only 2 days apart - hope you had a good one ;)