Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please, little community college.

I don't usually diss on community colleges. But because of the economy, our local CC has suddenly become selective. But not in a really intentional way. I think they are starting to jerk students around a little to see who will persist.

An ex-student of mine is trying to get into Local CC, she says she can't afford us. See how they are messing with her...

>> Dr. PUIProf,
>> There has been some confusion on LCC's part. They are not wanting to
>> transfer the Blah I class from SRU. My adviser and I are doing all that
>> we can. LCC administration has requested a copy of the syllabus. I no
>> longer have mine from fall semester. Would you mind emailing me with
>> the syllabus attached as soon as you get a chance? Sorry for the
>> inconvenience.
>> Have a great day!

I sent a word doc to her.

I sent that to LCC and they said this version has the instructor's edited notes on the word document. They asked me to ask you if you can send a version that does not have those edited portion on it. Thank you so much!!

> Please tell them to simply go under View and click off Markup. That IS the
> We use exactly the same text as they do and in addition we have a lab. I
> would be very surprised if your credits didn't transfer.

Dr. PUI Prof,
I will tell them. I told them that we did use the same book and that I
felt very prepared for Blah 2 after coming through your class.
Unfortunately, my transcripts reflects that SRU assigns 3 credit hours for
the lecture and lab, while LCC gives 4 credit hours. They are trying to
resolve this issue. It has very difficult and I appreciate your help in
sending this information. Sorry to take your time.
I hope your semester goes well!

1. I told you I was a rigorous instructor. :)
2. I think this school is looking for either an excuse to deny her, or they want to milk her for more credit hours.
3. I'm pretty sure that they learn as much or more in my 3 SH as they do there in 4.
4. You know, sometimes you get what you pay for...

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