Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gettin soft on academic integrity

OK, I met with the latest AI violator. Stu had no idea why I had an appt with them. I showed the evidence, said that I couldn't let Stu off the hook because that wouldn't be fair to the other ones I had sent upstairs. Stu turned many different shades in our 10 minute meeting. First Stu was pale, then red, at the end blotchy. Stu explained that they had sent me the wrong version, that they copied off the web as a reference, and went to rewriting in their own words, but keeping the reference in front of them (in the document). I said that was a very bad strategy. Stu said that they had given me an earlier version and that still had the refernces in the document, but that they still had the final version (reportedly completely in Stu's own words) on Stu's computer.

I said fine, if you e-mail me the newest document within 10 minutes of your arrival home ( I knew how long that was), I will reconsider sending it to the Dean, but that Stu would still get zeros on the assignment. Stu did. I have to look to see 1. if its different enough, and 2. When the saved stamp was. Let's see if I just scared the piss out of someone who will never use that "strategy" of writing papers again or if I was a sucker. I'm leaning towards believing Stu, since the splotchy face gave indication of their fear. Maybe the splotchy thing works on every prof. :)


  1. This story at slate sounded just like your student: http://www.slate.com/id/2244430/