Monday, October 26, 2009

Turning Grades In

We have to turn midterm grades into the Registrar's office for first-year students and students that are on academic probation. And then, we have to turn in grades for everyone at the end of each term. Since I solo teach one of the largest classes of first-years in the university, plus other normal classes, that's a whole lot of grade turning in.

The grades must be turned in on a certain deadline, to which I aspire every time, and fail to reach quite regularly.

If you include midterm grades since I've been here...
3 years * 2 semesters * 2 half semesters
1 midterm
= 13 grade turn-ins
* approx 40 students (averaging small and large classes)
520 individual grades entered.

Well, I have been right on time for about %15 of those.
= 442 late grades


I strive for better. Let's see if I can continue to improve.

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