Sunday, October 18, 2009

Take it to the Dean

Wrapping up a nice weekend and I opened my e-mail.

In it are two e-mails, one with the subject line saying "I don't appreciate being falsely accused of plagiarism!!!" And goes on to rant about how student worked on it all by himself, is insulted, and will prove me wrong, despite the fact that it is creepily similar to a web page I found, and unlike student's writing style.

I told Student in very respectful terms to take it to the Dean.

The other was of a student who has had academic integrity issues who just didn't show for a test and made some excuses about the flu and no internet at home to contact me (hello? telephone?). Student states WHEN they will make it up.

I told student in pretty respectful terms nope- no makeup, and if you don't like it take it to the Dean.

Now we'll find out if the Dean is in my corner or not.

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