Thursday, October 15, 2009

Medical Trouble

Hub called while on his way to work saying he was having pain. Scary pain. He went to an emergency care hospital, and they transferred and admitted him to huge suburban hospital. They may have done this as a precaution because scary pain in the past has resulted in terrible things for Hub. So, I picked boy up from day care, didn't pack enough gear to take care of a baby, and hurriedly drove the 2 hours to see him.

Big suburban hospital had signs posted that visiting hours were curtailed and no one under 18 was allowed on the floors. I ignored them (what was my other option??). We waited while test after test came back negative. Let me tell you, a hospital room is a bad place for a squirly crawling Boy whose sole purpose in life is to pull tubes and cords out of walls (and IVs out of arms).

Boy and I spent the night in the very un-babyproofed apartment of Hub. We returned to the hospital as early as possible the next AM. And we waited and waited and waited on the final test. And waited for the results of that final test. And waited. And the final test came back. All clear. Well, scary pain has no explanation, but now its gone, and its not a recurrence of the terrible thing (thanks Lord!).

The two hour span between when I hear and when I can get to Hub is really problematic, and frightening. The reverse is also true. If anything happened to me and Boy needed taken care of, at LEAST here is where we have the Peeps. We have at least two sets of friends that are on the daycare emergency call list and they are only blocks from home. That doesn't mean that they will be able to help. But its part of the reason we call "Small City that Tries at Least" home and not Big Suburban area. Still, the thought of being hit by a Mac truck while on my bike with the trailer and the cops not knowing what to do with the baby for 2-3 hours weighs on my mind.

Because of the big adventure, I missed three lectures in one day... all my classes were canceled. Now I have to scramble to make up the material somehow, and that's tough. Well, at least THAT'S my biggest worry right now!


  1. Medical issues are never fun. Glad that everything came back clear at least.

  2. This reminds me that I really need to put an emergency card in my husband's wallet. Right now, if he got in some horrible accident, there would be no indication of how to get a hold of me. I'm so glad to hear that nothing serious is wrong. What a week you've had!

  3. That sounds scary... I have just found your blog (through your comment), so I don't know if you have blogged about your 2-body problem; is there an end in sight?

  4. Thanks ScienceGirl for visiting. My first few posts in August explain lot more detail!