Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ooh, pick me, pick me!

An addendum to the last post. Another good reason why I am a scientist and not a glorified teacher. I can't read the teaching literature easily!

New prof is doing a good job of asking for advice. However, NP never asks me for advice. Why? I am probably the closest to NPs field and having the same students as NP. Though I don't have time part of me really wants to mentor NP, especially since I am just now finding my way and am excited to share my experience. NP seems to go straight to the department chair as a defacto mentor. Is it political? I doubt it.

There has been a lot of blogging about being intentional in choosing a mentor and appreciating the mentoring that you get unintentionally. Choosing a mentor must naturally follow the same rules of homophilia* as other interpersonal interactions.

*looking for people like myself, not in the sexual context.

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