Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flu 2; Our House 0

Annnnd the Hub is down with the flu. Please, please don't get the Boy!

Hub is a great man. But man, what a wimp when sick. *whine whine moan moan*. I am feeling much better however. Given that I had no fever, only vomited once, and only had very mild diarrhea, it is possible I got a blunted version of the seasonal flu, since I did have the seasonal flu vaccine. Hub, however, did not have the vaccine, and his flu is taking a very similar course. If you listen to him, its much worse, but he didn't even throw up- I'm the one who gets the whining rights!!

Either way, we're both getting better. But he WON'T drive the 2 hours back to his apartment until he's sure there's no diarrhea in the near future. Smart.


  1. Empathy to you. We have a 4-0 score over here...been a rough couple of weeks. Hope you're all on the mend very soon.

  2. Thanks! We had it pretty light, thank goodness.