Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I met with the "threatening e-mail student" together in a "mediation" in the Dean of Student Life's office today. More about that soon.

Ok, that is just entirely too much drama these last two weeks. Did I also mention that the Boy reportedly took his first steps at day care? I haven't seen it at home yet, but not all the drama is bad.

Give me my boring life back (but the Boy can keep up his tricks)!!!


  1. I'm glad the drama isn't exclusively bad. :) I'm also glad that you reported the student to the Dean. I am still kind of stunned (in my naivete, I guess) that this happened at all, and I hope you aren't subject to any more inappropriate/vile behavior from students.

  2. First steps! How exciting. Let us know when he tries that at home!

    As for the other matter... you did the right thing by not letting the student's actions stand, but it is unfortunate that this is now taking up so much of *your* time. The "mediation" bit sounds too much... why should you have to spend more time with this student? The evidence of problematic behavior seems strong enough that the Dean's office - or whoever deals with this sort of thing - could take it from here.