Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Term Goal-Fleuvogs

A little weekend shoe talk to lighten the mood-
OK, I've been pining for these:

But I really can't justify the expense ($245). So Hub suggested that I make them a reward for hitting a goal. I get the shoes as soon as one of the following things happen:
1. I successfully write for a national grant (R15 or such).
2. I get my paper accepted in a peer-reviewed journal (need to do that anyway).
3. Lose all my baby weight after the birth of my second child (end of August).
None of these will happen in a few months, so they are rather longish-term goals. Hopefully I'll get one of them before the shoes go out of style.


  1. Oooooooooooh, gorgeous! I completely encourage your purchase of this item. I have a pair of Fluevogs that bring me joy, confidence, comfort, and beauty. The brand does tend to change styles quickly, so if you have your heart set on this exact pair, get them now (and give them to yourself later?)!

  2. the shoes are cute.

    a word of advice: don't make getting your paper accepted any more consequential and stressful than it already is. same for losing weight or grant "success".

    you should reward yourself for PROGRESS or milestones for EFFORT. otherwise it will be too easy to feel disheartened. don't put off celebrating small stuff. long-term accomplishments deserve a party and you will need to have those shoes before then!

  3. Great shoes. I like the idea of reaching goals for shoes, although if I waited until I got a paper accepted, I'm afraid I'd be teaching shoeless.

  4. Fluevogs never go out of style! As a student, the only Fluevogs I own have been purchased seasons later on clearance - and they are lovely! I agree with other commenters though - perhaps you can make the goal a paper submission rather than acceptance since the later can be so subjective?