Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's time for spring advising. This is where you make a 30 minute appt with all your advisees (approx 15 for me) to help them choose their Fall classes. So, I just added 7 hours to my week in meetings.

I just started today. The advisees who come in early are well prepared and often just require a quick check of pre-reqs and thoughts of future semesters. Toward the end of advising is when the less organized students come in, sometimes in a panic because they didn't schedule on time, and the registration deadline is apporaching. They often come in and say "what should I take"? and have a blank schedule. This year I will be tougher on them then in past years.

There's so many scheduling conflicts because many things are only offered at one time, and some courses are every-other-year courses. E.g. if you are a junior and you don't get Immunology in this year, you don't get to take it. Period. So students have to plan out several years in advance.


  1. Why the ever loving buggeration do they need someone to help them register for the godmned classes? What in the name of Epic FUCK is going on?! Are these children or young adults? Do you have to make sure they wear clean underwear and brush their fucking teeth too!?

  2. Tidelair, thanks!
    Having an academic advisor is standard in all undergraduate programs. Getting all the classes and getting them in the right order isn't completely trivial (although it can be sometimes). Moreover, an advisor can help you choose the appropriate electives for your future life. They can also be a great resource for "insider information" such as the best research opportunities, scholarships and programs. So the advising itself isn't really handholding, its the making sure the students come to advising that is. And yes, sometimes I find myself answering questions that can easily be found on the website. But mostly, I feel like I'm not wasting anyone's time.

  3. huh, I always thought that this was something the they had "an advisor" for. As in someone who isn't a professor, since it seems a bit more "administrative" than "research".

    And if nothing else, I thought you needed to think a bit on your own with your education. I guess this ight be very beneficiary for students from "non academic" homes though. So I will take a retake no thinking it is strange, but still... it demands a lot of the professor. And I seriously hope they are grateful for the opportunity and prepare (obviously not all do this).

    good luck!