Saturday, April 3, 2010

SRU stinks at this

SRU (Small religious U- a pseudonym) has some very strong programs. I have extolled the virtue of a few in other places in this blog.

But wow, I got another survey for a student research project in the mail today that was abominable. I don't know whether these students are taking Research methods in Psych, Research methods in Soc, some stats class, or what, but this is about the 4th "survey" that had vague, misleading, or impossible to quantify questions. There has got to be at least two leading questions on every survey I get. Moreover, in some the hypothesis is crystal clear (hence the leading questions) and it's a goofy hypothesis. I'm not even including the fact that they are in the faculty boxes, but designed for students.

E.g. "Do you think these measures are a good use of your already expensive tuition?"

Hey Soc?/Psych?/Stats?/ Whomever?, raise the bar!!! Teach them something about conducting scientific surveys . This can't be their first shot at it, since this is almost the end of the semester.

Here's a selection bias for you-- anyone intelligent or well trained enough to realize what crap your students are sending out are going to throw those surveys in the trash. You're left with responses from the faculty "cheerleaders". Unless, of course, that's your target audience...

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