Thursday, April 8, 2010

Advising 2, aka handholding


I hope you are well. According to my records you are still

my advisee, but I haven't seen you for advising for several semesters in
a row. Have you dropped the Blahscience major? If so, please make sure
your paperwork goes through the Registrar's office. Could you send
me an
e-mail as to what your status is? Thanks!


hey sorry about that im gonna drop the blahscience major to a minor but i
a few questions about my credits and if they count toward blah minor ....
gen class I, and other blahscience class would those go toward my minor ?


Well, if you want to ask those things of me, sign up for advising. If you
can find them out from your Newmajor advisor or the registrar's office,
please do so and get the paperwork done. :)

PUI Prof

On one hand, I love that we have a very personal interaction with our
students. On the other hand I hate it. For example, where I was an
undergrad, no one would miss me if I didn't show to advising (Stu had
a double major and only needed one advisor's sig to register). Moreover,
the students wouldn't have an overeducated secretary/ personal assistant
to remind them to take care of stuff. And of course, back then we would
try to make coherent sentences of our correspondence, but hey,
I'll adjust to that (eventually?).

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