Thursday, March 25, 2010

More silliness twixt me and Hub

Hub sent me an online news article to read. Here's the morning report and then silliness ensues.

Me to Hub:
I skimmed the the article this morning.
Morning report: Boy woke up at 5 but was hysterical, at least this
time I wasn't completely flustered by it and just held him for a long
time. We broke the cycle of hysteria [he's too tired and hungry but
too busy screaming to eat or sleep] by offering him milk to drink
out of an espresso cup. Then he was bale to drink the full sippy cup
of OJ he had in his hand since he woke up. He crawled up in the
stroller which was still out and fell asleep a bit later. If I would have
had a 8:00 this morning, I probably would have been late, due to
the hysteria, but we got him to day care at 8:15 and all was good
from there.
I'm feeling very tense, but that is to be expected.
Can't wait to see you tonight. Usual time?

Hub: Yes, around 8:30 unless something untoward pops up.

You mean like you driving untoward us and ending up in Georgia?

Hub: If I knew how to roll my eyes, I would.

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