Monday, March 29, 2010

A doozy of an excuse

I got this fourthhand. If you think YOU'VE heard some pretty good excuses for getting out of a test, try this on for size...

Dear Professor,
Hi name is Stu Student and I am currently enrolled in your upper level Blahdy-blah course. To make a long story short, a video I posted on YouTube of me balancing 15 books on my head, solving a rubik's cube, and reciting pi recently went viral and I have been contacted by the Ellen Degeneres Show wondering if I could come in on April Xth and perform my talent on the show. I am emailing you to make sure we don't have a test that day, and if so if I could take it early or late. Thanks so much! Stu Student

P.S. Here is the link if you want to watch the video :)


  1. Dear Stu,

    Since you are so adept at managing several complicated tasks at once as evidenced by your very impressive video, I'm sure it's no trouble for you to check the syllabus and find out whether we have a test that day, and what the course policies on rescheduling exams may be. I am sorry that I am not able to help you with this. You see, I am not nearly so good as you at juggling multiple tasks simultaneously, as evidenced by the growing pile of grading/phone ringing incessantly/email inbox too full to receive further messages/lectures to write in ever dwindling time window/(insert family obligation here). If there is a test that day, I cannot reschedule it for you, but I'm sure you'll manage to ace while taping the show. Cheers!

    PS - I'm TiVo-ing Ellen Degeneres. I'd better see you on it.

  2. Honestly, this is something that is soo easy to check that I believe it is true! Her professors could see that it truly is her, and she gave specifics about when she would air. Moreover, I don't think she is REALLY asking about the tests, I think she is excited and wants to share.

  3. I actually saw that video online before you posted this! How funny!