Friday, March 5, 2010

Missing the cheerleaders.

One of our athletic teams is doing particularly well, going to a national tournament. We actually got tickets to a tourney game, hired a bbsitter and went. Before moving to Small Religious U, I had always been involved in a Division I school (international readers: for athletics purposes these are the largest schools; the smallest are division III). Athletic events, the few we went to, took a long time to get into, were in huge stadiums and arenas, had either a marching or pep band, and quite a big show during half time. When the game was over, there was a throng of people exiting so it took a while to get out.

The game we went to tonight had only recorded music, no cheerleaders to watch, and no half-time show. This was particularly noticeable to me since I was on the dance/drill team in HS. No half time show? You're kidding?!?! Nonetheless, the game was exciting and the small arena was packed. It was fun, and our team won. And we got home within 10 minutes.

Update on the health: I bought an iron supplement and with great hopes started taking it (Floradix). I couldn't keep it down, so when I took it, not only did I NOT get iron, but also wasted the meal I took it with. I bought another supplement, a big slice of beef liver, a bunch of beans and some iron fortified cereal. I'm hoping this combo will work. I'm just disappointed because my fatigue recovery will be delayed further.


  1. I was anemic when I was pregnant. I took an over the counter iron vitamin. Mostly I couldn't eat much and lost weight while pregnant making me even more tired. I feel for you.

  2. I tried a bunch of high-iron prenatals before I found one that my stomach could mostly tolerate; I hope you soon find something that your stomach tolerates as well!

  3. Try taking only half the tablet at once, and be sure to eat first, it may help.