Monday, March 15, 2010

Calling in favors

Donors are touring my lab in two weeks, which could be problematic since the lab is getting a bit dusty these days.

My research student returned today looking really peaked, obviously not back to his regular vim and vigor. In addition, he has weeks of makeup work for his classes to do. I said, "I need your help for the next two weeks to prep for this donors tour, then we can relax a little and you can make up your research project time in the summer term." He was pretty agreeable. He's highly motivated to do the donor tour since one of the honorees is the exec. director of a company he wants to apply to.

The second favor I called in was of my old research student who no longer works in the lab, and I proposed that her extra time would be back-applied to the semester she didn't work very hard (in the lab) and got a lower research grade. Since I can go back and change her grade, if she does put in the extra work, I will retroactively bump her grade up by the appropriate amount according to the research rubric.

So I have a fully powered lab, at least for two weeks.

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