Sunday, August 26, 2012

2 years (at least) more.

I am committed to my institution for this year (Kids ages: Boy 4, Girl, 2). My colleagues have loaded up release time for me, and this year promises to be better, work-load-wise. I go on sabbatical for a year (Boy 5, Girl 3). We will all live together and I will have research bliss. The year after, I am obligated to return for- at minimum- a year of teaching (Boy 6, Girl 4). I cannot go on any Plan B for at least three years.

Hub and I went out on a date, and we talked about the future. Hub can't leave this year: they are very close to his BIG publication. There will be a string of smaller follow up pubs that will follow, probably my sabbatical year. The year after my sabbatical, he could potentially come home. But then again, he has to find something here (or telecommute, GMP). It would be at least ANOTHER year before we could go somewhere else together.

So, I'm going to focus on getting through this year. The kids are older, easier, and I'll have a lighter load at work. We haven't solved the problem, but at least we know when the next break point could be.

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