Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job Search trickle

Our department is currently conducting a search for a full-time, one-year position. I referred to it here. We only have 5 applications so far. We advertised in the Chronicle, too. Whaddup widdat?

Other news; foreign exchange student will babysit. Solves this prob.

Also, on a committee reviewing another faculty application for tenure. Sat down with superstar colleague who is on this committee and mine.  He says to me: I read your application. Wow! Makes me glad to be here.

Well, that makes ME happy.

Busy prepping for meeting. Cheers, y'all.


  1. Re the job: are you asking for Masters or PhD (since it's a one year position)? If it's PhD, is there a research university in the religious denomination of your institution (like, or the equivalent of, BYU or Baylor)? You could try informal announcements mailing the appropriate department Chairs in those places informing them of the position and asking them to let appropriate candidates know. If your university wants a Christian professor, but specific denomination is not important, the above suggestion
    could work too.

  2. If it's a one year position, same advice as above, but contacting regional research institutions, like those where your husband work. People might be more willing to apply if they don't have to move across the country and uproot their family for just one year.