Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Critical period; priorities and gender

Saturday I complained becuase I had to work "on the side" on my poster for an upcoming meeting. I wanted to have it printed by Lab Meeting (a gathering of my research students) Wednesday 12:00p. I was also scheduled to give exams in my 2 courses at 10:00a and 1:00p Wednesday.

Monday I was working on the poster and the two exams. Tuesday became crunch time for the exams, since they had a very clear impending deadline and there would be NO delegating of exam writing. By Tuesday afternoon, I had an exam written for the 1:00 class, but it was about 40 questions too long. I hadn't touched the 10:00 exam. The poster had one more MAJOR flaw; the references were messed up beyond recognition (long story). I conceded defeat and e-mailed my lab that there would be no poster presentation at 12:00. I spent all evening post-kid-bedtime working on 10:00 exam. Then between 11:00a-1:00p I spent fixing and printing the 1:00 exam.

Now I can work on my poster.

Last night, I called hub, who was still in his office working on his poster. In my frustration I said, "You want to know why women are doing worse in science?!?! Here's an example: I am here cooking dinner for the children, and you are there perfecting your poster. If I could spend this time on MY poster, then I would be doing better in science!"

I didn't say it in a nasty way, but it wasn't taken well. He was completely "guilted" and keeps asking me if there is anything HE can do to help me with MY poster. So I found something. He can write the new citations in my "literature cited" block, while I cook dinner tonight for the kiddos. Thanks, Hon.

I will fuss with the details of the poster tonight post-kid-bedtime, then call it done and send it to the printer first thing in the AM. I know that there are flaws in it that will have to stay. I need to spend the next few days reviewing all the literature, since that will be my Achilles's heel (no time to read literature during the teaching year!)


  1. I need a spouse in the same field, although mine does print things for me on those fancy pants machines you science people get!

  2. I love it! Yay for hubs! But, yes, that is a reason why there are not more women in science...

  3. I don't get it. Why don't you and hubs take turns cooking for the kids? If you had such a crazy week coming up, you must have known ahead of time - you can just ask him to help out instead of trying to do it all yourself. He sounds quite reasonable. If he's willing to offer to help, take him up on the offer. Ask him to do half of the housework, childcare, etc. Some men really will do this. My husband is an example of one.

  4. ANON 1:01, because he spends half the week 2 hours away from me and the kids. He was at his work on that day. He's pretty helpful when he is home on the weekends.