Monday, August 22, 2011

Faculty Search

We are starting a graduate program. For this, we will need to distribute the graduate load among the current faculty and hire a new full-time person. We are a department of 8-9 and are therefore all generalists, by necessity. I found it quite humorous today when discussing how we are going to advertise this position.
"We need somebody biomedical."
"Probably an infectious disease person, yeah."
"A real live microbiologist, as opposed to someone who uses microbiology as a tool  for other questions." "Especially someone who studies disease transmission particularly in humans, not just a cell biologist."
"Yes, but we also need someone who is doing quantitative work, since the MCAT will change soon to be more about quantitative methods."
"And we need someone who can teach our anatomy and physiology courses."
"Yes definitely. And Developmental Biology"
"You folks mean we need a human developmental microbioinformatoanatomist?"
"Sure. And they need to be Christian, too."
"Hey, the job market is really poor right now. We might find one!"


  1. hm, I read this and think "maybe I shouldn't have left my post doc and moved into industry". After all, I fit into the more than 50% of the search parameters you listed ;)

    Now, there was that thing with funding....

  2. Its a very happy place to work in a beautiful area, but the workload is heavy and the pay low compared to industry.