Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cool lab

Today I had a teaching lab with three students for My Absolute Favorite Subject. We did the lab in my research lab, since I research, well, My Absolute Favorite Subject (duh). With three bright students, we can teach class in the research lab. We can design several teaching labs to take advantage of the research lab since it is directly relevant for a few weeks.

The students really seemed to be having a good time, and a pair of speakers for one of the student's iPod seems to be a helpful element in the lab (student provided). I could never concentrate with music, but its sure does make undergrads happy, especially during the slow parts of the lab. Perhaps I can attract and keep the best students if I make the lab environs "cool". Discoball, perhaps? :)

1 comment:

  1. Discoball! And more cowbell!!

    -1st time commenter- so glad you're writing this blog. I was an undergrad at a PUI, had the best professors ever. Now I'm a grad student and I've been wondering why those most excellent PUI profs become kind of invisible as I move up the science ranks. Glad to find your voice.