Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blogging and Work-study competencies

I'm nervous about blogging, even anonymously. I have been pretty positive in the blog, and honestly so. But I dread the idea that someone in my circles could discover my identity and misconstrue something in it.

I have a student who is working for me as a work-study. She sent me a note and on her signature file is a link for her blog. I read it. It was very informative, especially about the things that go on around campus under the radar. I feel like it really helps remind where the students are at emotionally, and the temptations they face. So for that reason, I don't feel bad about reading it. On the other hand, she describes her work with me in one word: overwhelming. Really? All I did was show her around the building and where things are hidden, and asked her to make what (to me) was a pretty simple teaching aid. Looks like I'd better remember who my audience is.

I've been spoiled a little by a work-study student who is a non-trad and highly competent. If I give him a general idea of what I want done, viola! Something very close to what I want happens. I have to remember that these 18 year olds don't have enough tools in their pocket to create something out of nothing, but that they need explicit instructions.

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