Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First heavy teaching day, and Boy didn't sleep

I went to bed at 9:30 last night because I was exhausted. More from being jazzed up than actual work, probably. But last night da Boy cried 4 times in the night for attention. He is just getting over the rotavirus, so we gave him bottles of Pedialyte and formula in bed for teh last two weeks. And now I am trying to wean him off of food in bed. This morning at about 4:30 he was wailing and the water bottle did him no good. I brought him into my bed (never do this DURING rotovirus!). And tried to cuddle, and that was also to no avail. Finally I relelnted and gave him formula in bed.

I have a huge day at work today. I teach all three of my classes, and haven't prepped FULLY for them. First class is syllabus day. I try to scare the Bejeezus out of them about the academic integrity policy and motivate them for the rigor of the class. I also introduce myself individually to the 60 of them. Not major prep there, I just need to be sharp so I sound confident and make a good impression. In the second class I co-teach. We have all the materials ready. I should review my outline, which is in PPT form to feel confident, and therefore sound confident. Last class will be the 3 students "in-the-round" and is really heavy in content including equations that may be new to the students. I still have to read that chapter and make an outline. I am happy to teach, but the first (full) day exhausts me becuase I get "activated" physiologically. I wouldn't call it nervous, the prep fixes that, but its something my body does that I don't control well. I'm not sure I want to be calm on this day. I want to convey enthusiasm, and be fluent. :)

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