Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scary, scary and alone

Hub usually comes home Thursday nights late and goes back Monday mornings early. But his project has taken a big turn in which for several weeks he needs to come home Friday night and leave Sunday night. It's Sunday night and he is back in Suburb.

Problem is, I am 13 weeks pregnant and started bleeding this afternoon. It's only a little blood, and we called the CNM on call at the hospital. She didn't seem alarmed, so we took that as our cue. Though hub offered to cancel all his appts tomorrow and stay, I told him to go back, and I would keep checking in with him via text.

I feel OK. I am to make an appt at the OB tomorrow the moment that it opens. OK. I will. The ideal situation would be for my husband to be there with me, but alas we aren't living the ideal life. I keep thinking to myself that at least this is better than being married to someone in the military that is deployed.

We just heard today in church that a friend of our had miscarried, and so that is fresh in our minds. I'm not a worrier, and I really am doing OK mentally, but the thought flashed through my head that I would go to sleep tonight and never wake up. Who will find my baby and take care of him? How long would he have to be uncared for? Shudder. I called a friend to let her know the situation, just in case.

I will keep you apprised.

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