Thursday, February 18, 2010

First day of data collection for the semester

I think I am very close to an MPU for one project, but the student whose job it was to get those few more little data points, got no data at all. For a semester.

Now my current student is more interested in a different project. His stuff didn't work for the last student that tried it, so we started from scratch, going nearly all the way back to the beginning. We drove over to the large sister institution to use their fancy schmancy machine to measure our stuff. Now we know about our stuff and are going to try to use it.

For the last couple of weeks, he has been a little AWOL from the lab. He's overwhelmed with school etc, and he's had transportation issues. SO actually today was the first day that we are collecting data. I wish my student would have started on the data collection earlier than 4:30pm, the time I need to leave to get Boy. So there he sits alone in the lab, and I have no idea if he's getting anything. Moreover, undergraduates want to be so independent that they will grind and grind through something that doesn't work without asking for help or even knowing where to start troubleshooting. Ugh.

nota bene: I want to be there for the data collection, but this student does not have the type of personality that makes hours and hours in the lab with him easy or pleasant.

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