Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Schooled Students Observed

I present to you a _summary_ of 4 case studies of students/colleagues/ etc. who were extensively home schooled.

This is in no way scientific. There are probably many people I teach or know that were home schooled that have not self-identified. In addition, there's no way I can be blinded to the educational status of the people outlined here. Therefore the following observations are purely anecdotal and should not be taken by anyone to support any position you may have.

Of the four people I am referencing, all are above average in school performance. One, my colleague, is rock-star smart, but the three others, my students, were all B students.

Four out of four have loved learning. Two of the students are extremely enthusiastic to learn. They are a joy to have in class, and I predict they will be lifelong learners.

Four out of four are socially uninhibited such that they are noticeably different from their peers. One rides his bike in the hallways of the science building and is slightly eccentric. One is clearly not intimidated in any way by people her superior. She is not frightened to ask speakers or professors questions- really intelligent ones. I'd love my kids to be like her.

Three of the four seem especially close to their families.

I have other observations of home schooling from different contexts: I had cousins who were home schooled and were socially awkward. Very difficult to separate cause from effect in that case. Another observation is from a friend who is home schooling her very strong-willed 6-year old. That arrangement is filled with daily gnashing of teeth for all parties concerned.

I have little interest in home schooling my children because I am out-schooling other people's children. However, if my kids show an exceptional gift that Hub and I are sure won't blossom in the public or private schools around here, I'll drop this job like a hot potato and raise a national spelling bee champion/ enter MIT at 16 / Olympic speed skater.

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  1. That's a really hard question. I don't have kids, so I just try to think about how my life would have been if I hadn't gone to school. There were bad things about public (and for a little while, private) school, but I made friends and learned about people. We didn't go to church much, so in a small Southern town, I would have been shit out of luck for friends.

    Now I'm wondering if I could have been an Olympic speed skater. : (