Thursday, November 4, 2010

Huge Major Course Prep Fail

Got a call today from the dept'l secretary asking me where the dissection material for Cool Subject I class is, because they need it today and can't find it. I usually teach this class, but we farmed out the lecture to one adjunct and the lab to another adjunct for my maternity. I told the lab adjunct this summer that I would prep as much possible for her. More here and here. I'm pretty sure I told her I would order the dissection material for her. After a long call to the company they say that they do have a quote from this summer but NO record of an order. CRAP!!!!

So I say, can I just order now?? He says sure. I say here's my credit card number, blahdy blah, and expiration date, 9/10. **CRAP!!!!**

Now I have to go into work first thing in the AM, get a new credit card (hopefully on my desk) and then hurriedly place the order for the material and then pray they'll arrive before next week's lab.

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