Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birth Story Part 5- Major Contractions

We left off with me crying in the hallway to my friend that we had to go NOW! I did not want anymore attention, and since it was a busy big church and I was in a major thoroughfare I slipped into a different quieter hall to cry. I could hear behind me the frantic activity of my husband and friend trying to work out the logistics of what bags to put in which cars, since Boy would be going with the friends and the overnight bag was going with us. It seemed something out of Keystone cops.

The hallway I was hiding in began to fill with people, so I slipped around the corner to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I really had the feeling of pressure on my pelvic floor like I had to go, and had a brief thought of taking care that I didn’t deliver the baby in the handicapped stall. Then relatively quickly, the contraction ended.

I felt much better, no tears, and emerged from the bathroom. There was a steady stream of women coming toward the bathroom, the majority of whom, it seemed, wanted to ask me the same question: When’s this baby coming? I evaluated each questioner to how close she was to me. To my dearest friends I leaned in and whispered, “Its happening RIGHT NOW”, and to those I didn’t know as well I replied “I have a feeling it will be soon”

When my husband found me, he was visibly upset. One moment I say that we have to go NOW, and then I disappear. When he finally did find me I was smiling and chatting and socializing. GRRR.


  1. You're killing me, here - hurry up and get to the end already! ;)

  2. This is going to take a while... sit back with a nice hot cocoa and enjoy. :)